fire-safety-equipmentsProvision of Fire Safety Equipment

Through a network of accredited suppliers and manufacturers, ICR Solutions is capable of sourcing and supplying any fire fighting, fire prevention, detection, containment or extinguishing equipment. All equipment supplied meets or exceeds specifications mandated by legislation, as well as NFPA and EU Standards.

ICR Solutions is also able to complete Tender Specification Documents for the supply of new equipment and servicing or maintaining of existing equipment, Tender document evaluation and tender service implementation management.

Provision of Emergency Vehicles and Appliances

Vehicle, Equipment and Emergency Appliances / Unit Specification Design Service:

Following an assessment of a businesses needs, operating parameters, geographical location and existing response systems, ICR Solutions will design and source vehicles and equipment, ideal for a clients needs and application. These specifications will, inter alia, include the following technical information:

  1. vehicle chassis requirements
  2. vehicle superstructure requirements
  3. vehicle pump requirements
  4. equipment requirements
  5. specific emergency applications and requirements
  6. any other specialised emergency requirements

This specialised technical specification document will enable you to undertake a tender process to obtain the appropriate vehicle, appliance / unit or equipment that is required. Given the significant capital expenditure involved in procuring such vehicles and equipment, this service allows clients the peace of mind in acquiring suitable and quality units.

ICR Specialised Emergency Appliance, Unit and Equipment Facilitation Service:

In addition to the specialised technical specifications service, ICR Solutions will project manage such processes from design and ordering to final delivery. With frequent report back sessions with manufacturers and vehicle builders, ICR Solutions will keep clients updated of the status of your project and provide you the opportunity to have input should your needs change during the procurement stage.

Following the completion of the specialised technical specification and approval of the document by the client, ICR Solutions will undertake to order, commission and deliver the required appliances or equipment to the location of the client’s choice. It should also be noted that due to a longstanding service within the respective emergency services, ICR Solutions have established good business relationships with key equipment and vehicle manufacturers and thereby enjoy preferential prices on various products.

Due to the specialised technical nature of the emergency response field the commissioning, monitoring, completion and acceptance of the specialised emergency equipment and appliances requires an in-depth knowledge in the operational requirements and functions of any equipment and appliances ordered to ensure that they meet the risks and needs as identified.

health_safetyProvision of Safety Equipment

Through a network of accredited suppliers and manufacturers, ICR Solutions is able to supply all required Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and safety equipment as required by legislation.

All PPE and/or equipment carry the relevant SABS, ANSI or EU Quality Standards, and meet international best practice standards.